{Travel Canada} Stillwell - The Best Craft Beer Bar in Halifax

"B onjour beer geek! Ask for our blottlelist! ", Stands on the wall, spreading the tidy industrial charm. If you stand at the counter of the Stillwell Beer Bar and look at this wall, bottles are first of all a minor matter. The minimalist dispenser demands attention: 10 simple taps come out of the wall and each one has a tempting name. How about a bulwark, a boxing rock or a propeller? Chalk on the wall contains the most important information about the beer, its alcohol content and the price. No, bottles are of no secondary concern.

Our Blueberry Travel group needs something cool after a long day of sightseeing in Halifax. And welcome with alcohol, because you can not live only by wild blueberries alone, ne (though ...). So we stand at the counter and read each other before the Biernamen, think back and forth and take all the advice of the friendly guys behind the counter in claim. I just can not let go of the propeller and so I order a glass of "Number Three".

The beer comes and is delicious. Orange, oily, nutty, refreshing - somehow that's almost a whole meal. Here you do not tip beer on the fast, here come personalities in the glass. And if you had one first, you want them all. But of course you have something here: You can order four different beers in small glasses in a wooden holder and is thus well supplied for at least half an hour.

The Stillwell is minimalist. Metal stools, glass blocks, concrete, brick walls and the huge wall-painted great logo create a relaxed and tidy atmosphere. Here you can relax during the day wonderful after a shopping spree, through the large windows on the busy street and people to watch. In the 10-minute Tackt also the bus to "Gottingen" over. Many street and village names are reminiscent of German immigrants. Only without the umlauts.

In the evenings, the cool and relaxed space transforms into a buzzing and lively bar. Very different L Eute meet for a drink, try their hand at the craft beers and pick at the (super delicious!) bar food.The people are very open-minded, hear that we talk in German and want to get to know each other. Funny conversations with strangers are not to be missed.

The Stillwell is guaranteed to be one of the best places in Halifax to spend a very enjoyable and relaxing evening with friends and strangers.

Stillwel l Beer Bar
1672 Barrington Street Halifax
Nova Scotia, B3J 2A2